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Cavs trying to buy into 2nd round of NBA Draft

tyronn lue, dan gilbert

The Cleveland Cavaliers took Collin Sexton with the eighth pick in the draft, and their draft night was supposed to be over. According to Joe Vardon of cleveland.com, the Cavs are trying to get back into the second round by offering cash for another pick.

The Cavs seem to be trying to take a page out of the Golden State Warriors’ draft plans from last year. The Warriors paid $3.5 million to buy the 38th pick from the Chicago Bulls last year, and with that pick, they took Oregon Ducks product Jordan Bell.

Bell was a key contributor off the bench and didn’t cost a lot of money. If LeBron James decides to rejoin the Cavs they are going to be strapped for cash too, so a cheap bench option off the bench could go a long way in what the team is able to do.

One guy who is hoping that James decides to stick around is Sexton, who pleaded with James to come back to the Cavs in his interview with ESPN.

“Man, LeBron, let’s do it!” Sexton said via ESPN. “Let’s do it. I see you needed a few pieces — one or two pieces last season — and let’s do it. Let’s go back to the Finals. Let’s do it!”

What James does could go a long way in how the Cavs do next year, but no matter his decision, the Cavs could use another young player to come off the bench, even if they are boasting a rebuilding team.

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