This summer’s NBA free agency seems to hinge on one thing, LeBron James. Once James decides where he is going to play next season, the rest of the dominos can fall into place. One guy that could have a big impact on where James ends up is Paul George, and there is a chance that the two could end up.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported the two talked about teaming up in Los Angeles with the Lakers, but there is a chance that the two could also play together in Cleveland. According to The Ringer:

“Others think they’ll do everything in their power to build a team that can make LeBron stay or keep them in playoff contention even if LeBron leaves. LeBron recruited Paul George to Cleveland last summer before a draft-night blockbuster deal fell apart, and league sources don’t believe Cleveland’s interest has waned.”

It’s still to be seen if George would want to sign with the Cavs, as the Lakers still seem to be the favorites to land the former Indiana Pacers star.

George and James are good friends and they have talked about teaming up in the past. It seemed during the last offseason that the Cavs and Pacers were about to get a deal done to bring Paul George over, but on draft day it fell apart, and George ended up going to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Where these two guys end up is still up in the air, but don’t be surprised if they end up together.