The Cleveland Cavaliers have a bit of a dilemma on their hands with regard to the futures of two key players on their roster. Negotiations are currently underway with free agent Collin Sexton, while Caris LeVert is now entering the final year of his current deal.

Cavs insider Chris Fedor recently guested on Zach Lowe’s The Lowe Post podcast, and he has chimed in on this current situation. Fedor reports that if given a choice between these two players, certain members of the franchise would rather take LeVert over Sexton (h/t Peter Dewey of Cavaliers Nation):

“There are multiple people inside the organization that if they have their choice between Caris and Collin, they would take Caris over Collin because of the size, because of the length, because of the versatility that he can bring on the defensive end of the floor,” Fedor said. “And they liked what they saw with Caris and Darius together. Obviously, the numbers back that up.”

This could be why the Cavs seem to be playing hardball with Sexton. Reports suggest that both camps have failed to reach an agreement with regard to the 23-year-old’s salary. There appears to be quite a significant margin too, with how much money Sexton wants as opposed to what Cleveland is actually willing to give him.

LeVert, on the other hand, made enough of an impact last season for the Cavs brass to remain curious about what the future holds for him alongside cornerstone point guard Darius Garland. It’s very much possible that it’s LeVert who ends up staying in Cleveland as Sexton takes his talents to greener pastures.