The narrative was too obvious to ignore. With the Cleveland Cavaliers absolutely loaded for the next few seasons, perhaps they’ve paved a way for LeBron James to come back home one more time.

According to a Cavs insider Chris Fedor, the Land would be “open” to welcoming back their favorite son. But LeBron would be walking into a very different scenario than the ones he experienced back in 2003 and during his first return in 2014. Fedor spoke out on the possibility during a recent appearance on the HoopsHype podcast with Michael Scotto.

Via HoopsHype:

Fedor: I think they’d be open to it on their own terms, under the right terms. Terms that are very different from the ones he came back to in 2014. When you acquire LeBron, there are a lot of things that go with that. He wants power. He wants to help make decisions over the roster and people that are hired within the organization. He wants to be at the center of everything and have a team built around his strengths and things along those lines.

In LeBron James’ first two decades in the NBA, the basketball world revolved around him. His pull was strong enough to bend the wills of whoever GM, executive, or coach that worked in his teams’ front offices. But with the Cavs sitting pretty with a core of studs that will only get better as time goes by, they’re by no means desperate to have their power structure shaken up just for LeBron.

The Cavaliers would not sign up for that kind of situation. They feel good about what they have here, especially with the addition of Donovan Mitchell. Back in 2014, they needed a savior and needed LeBron to come back and take them to a different level.

Fittingly enough, the Cavs have their two big spots and their two guard spots definitively filled for at least the next three seasons. It’s the small forward spot that’s open for the taking. As of now, the starting three spot would likely go to Caris LeVert or Isaac Okoro but neither are exactly an ideal option given the rest of the starting five.

King James joining the Cavaliers would turn them into instant favorites as their young stars gain more experience next season. But he’ll have to take a step back from his typical LeGM role for it to work out.