It’s not unfamiliar for NBA players to have a certain eccentricity in their wardrobe selections. Most basketball fans have become used to seeing some of their favorite players dressed in just about anything off the court.

At times, Cleveland Cavaliers center Tristan Thompson could be counted amongst the flashiest of NBA dressers. However, on other occasions, his choice of regalia has come under friendly scrutiny, especially from teammates.

In a recent “roast”, Thompson and his teammates came up with hashtags to express their opinions of his fashion choices.

Kyrie Irving on Thompson’s choice of leather pants:

“Wow! I really don’t know when I should be wearing pants.”

Mike Dunleavy had to think about his reaction, but finally said:

“Uhh…Hashtag…Fish nets.”

After glancing briefly at Thompson’s photos, Chris Andersen had just one word:


Thompson claims to be the most fashionable guy on the team. It seems his teammates would beg to differ.