Donovan Mitchell has been known as “Spida” ever since he entered the NBA, thanks to his long arms that look like spider legs. The Cleveland Cavaliers guard and his fans have embraced that nickname, and it has since been part of Mitchell’s identity. However, not everyone thinks that nickname fits him, with Danny Green even opting to call his Cavs teammate with a different name.

In a recent interview, Green was asked what makes Mitchell special and how he compares to the teammates he had before. As the sharpshooter heaped praise on the explosive guard, he shared that he’s calling Mitchell the “Tasmanian Devil” instead of “Spida,” and for good reason.

“He’s explosive and athletic, which I haven’t had many point guards except for Ja [Morant] that’s like that, so it’s hard to compare him to anybody. But they call him Spida, I like to call him Tasmanian Devil. He’s just very explosive, he got big hands and he can get to the rim whenever he wants to,” Green explained, via FanDuel.

That certainly seems a fitting nickname for Donovan Mitchell. While his spider-like arms give him a massive advantage over other guards, his big hands and explosiveness make him even harder to stop.

Sure enough, changing Mitchell’s nickname now may be hard since the “Spida” one is already popular. But hey, who says a player can only have one nickname. Here’s to hoping that Danny Green’s “Tasmanian Devil” tag also catches on since it definitely makes Mitchell appear even more dangerous.