Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James was at the receiving end of some choice comments made by Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham, telling him to just “shut up and dribble.” He has since received a lot of support from his fellow NBA players, athletes of different sports and even celebrities who encouraged him to continue what he’s doing.

Just recently, The King received more support as North Carolina player Joel Berry took to his Instagram account to post his version of what James posted over the weekend. It also had the words “I am more than an athlete,” which was James’ response to the criticism of Ingraham, and the 22-year-old point guard shared a very similar photo of it.

Joel Berry then talked about the impact James has made on many people, and also cited what he has been doing to help different communities. He then said, via Joe Giglio of The News &  Observer, that he thought what Ingraham stated on live television was upsetting and disrespectful.

“I was little upset by that,” Berry said. “LeBron, the things that he does, people really don’t understand it and they don’t see it.”

“He has a school. He is always giving back to the community. That’s what it is about.

For her to say something like that, was disrespectful to who he is as a person.”

The senior then ended his interview by making it known that he plans to follow James’ lead and also positively touch as many lives as possible.

“It’s about having an impact on people’s lives and that’s what I want to do.”