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Tyronn Lue says team culture won’t be defined by wins, losses

Tyronn Lue

With the losses piling up for the Cleveland Cavaliers, head coach Tyronn Lue says that the team’s culture shouldn’t be defined by wins and losses. The 41-year old mentor emphasizes the importance of building a progressive culture, instead of sulking on their six consecutive defeats.

Cleveland.com’s Chris Fedor wrote about Lue’s perspective on the post-LeBron James Cavs’ team.

“I don’t think you define culture off of wins and losses,” Lue said. “I think you define culture on how the organization is a class-A organization, and with Dan Gilbert at the helm it’s always going to be that way. I think it’s about the players you bring in. It’s about your coaching staff and who you surround the people with, so, culture is not defined by wins and losses.”

The Cavaliers are off to a 0-6 start this season, including another double-digit loss at the hands of Victor Oladipo and the Indiana Pacers last night. To make matters worse, superstar Kevin Love is sidelined with a foot injury, missing his second straight game against the Pacers.

Just a few days ago, center Tristan Thompson called out teammates for slacking off this early in the season. To be fair to the Cavaliers, this outcome was kind of expected especially with them losing their best player during the last four years. Love appears to be ready to take the role of the main man again, but his 32% shooting from the field is hurting the Cavaliers in more ways than one.

Right now, the Cavaliers should focus on building a winning culture on and off the court, and everything will naturally fall into place.

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