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Tyronn Lue says ‘agendas’ hurting Cavaliers

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are going through a tough go of it over the last four games, and head coach Tyronn Lue thinks he knows why.

The Cavs have lost three of the last four games. They got smacked by more than 30 points against Toronto on Thursday, and their only win came to the lowly Orlando Magic by only four points.

Lue seems to think his players have “agendas,” which could be the cause for the current downturn for Cleveland, per Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com.

“I never really get concerned,” Lue said (this is the full quote). “We’ve got to be better. We know that. But until we play better defensively, I think offensively sharing the basketball, everyone on the same page, and if guys have agendas, we’ve got to get rid of our agendas and play the right way.”

It’s unclear what Lue meant by “agendas.” But Dwyane Wade may have touched on it in his remarks when told about the what Lue said, per Vardon.

Dwyane Wade said: “Sometimes you get in a slump, guys start worrying about me, me, me. You have to play for each other on both ends of the floor. If you’re into yourself on the offensive end, if you’re struggling, then you’re not doing what you need to do defensively and vice versa.”

With the Cavaliers struggling, it stands to reason that the players and coaches are going to look for someone or something to blame. This is a team that has championship aspirations, and it hasn’t performed up to par defensively.

The Cavaliers need to figure things out, and fast, if they want to win a title this year.

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