All season long, Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James has gone above and beyond expectations. Whether it’s playing in all 82 games and churning out career-best numbers, the Cavs forward does all these with a relative ease. But what’s remarkable is the fact that James is playing at this high level on his 15th season and at age 33.

The elite play translated into the playoffs as James continues to carry the Cavs on his broad shoulders. Going up against the East’s top seed in the Toronto Raptors, Cleveland found itself in unfamiliar territory as underdogs at this early stage in the postseason.

But with James leading the way, the defending Eastern Conference champions have turned the tables on Toronto en route to a 2-0 series lead. The four-time MVP’s play further sparked the debate concerning the NBA’s greatest of all-time. Two Cavs fans showed off their emphatic belief in James already achieving GOAT status by coming in for Game 3 wearing, well, goat masks.

That won’t sit well with plenty other basketball fans who are still firm believers that Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan is still untouched as the best player to have ever dribbled the leather.

At this point, seeing the conversation reach this intensity level speaks highly of James’ accomplishments. What’s going in favor of the Cavs talisman is that he still has two or three years playing in top form. Regardless, it’s been a joy witnessing James throughout the years and no one’s got a clue when the next generational talent worthy of entering the GOAT debate will arrive.