Saturday Night Live took the Cleveland Cavaliers as its latest parody subject — throwing some shade at the team’s over-reliance on LeBron James. The Cavs, in response, took a jab at SNL in a halftime post.

At halftime, the Cavs had a commanding lead over the Raptors, 63-47. They let the whole SNL crew know about it.

The SNL crew performed a sketch, apparently noticed that James doesn’t really need his team’s help. As reported by Joey Morona of, the sketch had lines such as:

“I run the pick and roll,” Mikey Day as Kevin Love says. “That’s when I pick up LeBron’s laundry and roll it over to his house.”

“I hold LeBron’s third and fourth cell phone.”

Though the Cavs bench has performed well as of late, SNL had enough reasons to take shots at them. Statistics culled by Hoops Stats reveal that their bench merely logs in 25.3 points per game in the playoffs — 13th place out of 16 teams. They also snag just 10.6 rebounds per game in the playoffs, for 15th place.

Yet despite the bench’s underwhelming statistics, the Cavaliers still managed to snatch victory after victory in the playoffs.

The SNL crew might have high-fived themselves with their parody. But the Cavs themselves have the last laugh as they enjoy another playoff victory.