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Cavs news: Tristan Thompson speaks about off-court relationship with Dwyane Wade

As of this writing, Dwyane Wade is a free agent after agreeing to a buyout with the Chicago Bulls. And as long as there’s no definite destination for the next chapter of Wade’s NBA life, there’ll always be rumors linking him to a number of teams. That includes the Cleveland Cavaliers, where his old running mate with the Miami Heat LeBron James currently serves as king.

James’ teammate and Cavalier big man Tristan Thompson knows it’s more than just a distant possibility that Wade and James could be playing music together again this time in the Rock and Roll Capital of the World. Thompson was asked about his off-the-court relationship with Wade after practice Tuesday afternoon.

“Yeah, I’ve known Dwyane for a pretty long time. We’ve worked out with the same guys over the summer time. I’ve seen him in the summer and he looks good. He’s working out and shooting the ball over well. He’s a Hall of Famer and pretty good player.”

While Thompson isn’t as familiar to Wade as James is, at least he’s got a level of kinship with the three-time NBA champion, which is more than most of his other teammates could say. It may not seem much, but having even just a rudimentary form of relationship with a possible incoming superstar could help spell the difference between Wade avoiding Cleveland and choosing to go there. After all, Wade is fresh off a season playing for a dysfunctional franchise that was the Chicago Bulls and is certainly looking for a place with far better chemistry.

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