We are now closer to the NBA season than we are to the end of the 2017 Finals, but Tristan Thompson is still not over the Cleveland Cavaliers’ loss to the Golden State Warriors in that series. It is, however, the perfect motivation for the team as the Cavaliers prepare for the 2017-18 campaign according to Thompson, who spoke about it in front of reporters during Cleveland’s Media Day.

“I was definitely angry. You never want to get a ‘gentleman’s sweep’, going 4-1. These guys are motivated and hungry. They have the burning desire to get back on the court and take back what we feel is ours.”

No man wants to get manhandled, and that’s exactly what the Cavaliers got in the Finals with Golden State taking care of them in five games. The setback definitely weighed heavily on the Cavaliers throughout the offseason and as they plot their ways to regaining the title they brought to the city in 2016, it’s inevitable that they will have to think of Golden State.

Thompson and his teammates would’ve preferred that they’ll enter the new season as two-time defending champs, but on the bright side, it’s always good to have the motivation to succeed – and the humiliation they got at the hands of the Warriors is just the perfect one.