Tristan Thompson seems to have regained his championship-level form in this series against the Boston Celtics, as he contested 17 shots — the most among all players in Game 4, according to Second Spectrum.

The Celtics shot a mere 29 percent during plays contested by Thompson, which ultimately proved the difference in a 111-102 win. Boston missed 15 combined layups and dunks in Game 4, some of them were products of their own mishaps and others a direct influence from Thompson’s defense.

Thompson recorded 13 points, 12 rebounds, a steal, and two blocks — giving that extra help needed from a role player.

The Cavs center has had more impact with each game he’s started upon Tyronn Lue changing the lineup, now enjoying ample minutes to do his damage on the glass.

Thompson has been a true catalyst of this defense, a part of this team that has haunted them throughout the regular season.

His averages of 9.8 points and 9.3 rebounds are in no way outstanding, but they are enough to make him a valuable contributor to this team, showing some semblance of his old 2016 championship form — one he’s been trying to regain ever since.

Thompson played a total of 38 minutes on Monday night, the most he’s had all season (regular and playoffs) — showing the level of trust with coach Tyronn Lue is once again there and likely for good.