Right now, there’s little doubt, if any, that Cleveland Cavaliers star Darius Garland stands out as one of the top point guards in the NBA today. The Cavs All-Star is well aware of this notion, but as it turns out, he still isn’t satisfied with the same.

Garland was asked straight up if he thought he was capable of becoming the very best point guard in the entire league. The Cavs star had no hesitation in his response (via NBA on ESPN on Twitter):

“Yes, for sure,” Garland answered. “Like I said, I have a lot of strides to go. But I think I’m one of the top young guards in this league for sure. So, that’s my goal: to be one of the top guards in this league, and hopefully be the best one.”

At 22, Garland still has a whole lot of basketball ahead of him. He’s already an elite PG at this point in his career, and his trajectory is indeed very promising. It is also clear that this young man is not short of motivation and dedication, which combined with his high-level skillset, makes him a very dangerous prospect for both the immediate and long-term future.

There’s also no denying that Garland’s progress from a personal standpoint will heavily impact the success rate of the Cavs. He is Cleveland’s cornerstone point guard, and he’s going to be the torch-bearer for this franchise for many years to come.  Darius Garland is the Cavs and the Cavs are Darius Garland.