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Steve Harvey says Cleveland Cavs taking Warriors to 7 games

Steve Harvey

Down 2-0 in the 2018 NBA Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers need all the positive vibes it can get from its supporters. Family Feud host and Miss Universe winner announcement-fumbler Steve Harvey is among those lending his full support for the Cavs, even telling Stephen A. Smith of ESPN that Cleveland is going to come back and win the series in seven games.

Look man, we have the chance to steal one. We lost a great opportunity but ‘we Cleveland,’ so here’s what’s going to happen. We’re going to take two in our building, downtown Cleveland.  I know you don’t see that, but we’re going to get two in Cleveland. Then we’re going to go back to Golden State. Golden State is going to get us out there. Then we’re going to come back to Cleveland, and we’re going to get them in Cleveland, and then we’re going to get back out to Golden State, and we’re going to ‘unleash the Kraken that is LeBron James.”

Considering how Golden State played in Game 2 and how slim the support LeBron James is getting so far in the series, Steve Harvey’s outlook is definitely way too optimistic. However, Cleveland overcame a 3-1 NBA Finals series deficit before against Golden State, too, so that’s something Harvey is obviously drawing hope from.

The most important thing for Cleveland right now is to win Game 3 because falling down a 3-0 series ditch is as close as the Cavs could get to hearing the sound of the death knell. No team in NBA history has won a series after trailing 3-0 in a playoffs matchup.

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