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Stephen Jackson calls Rodney Hood out as garbage player on Cleveland

Stephen Jackson, Rodney Hood

When Rodney Hood refused to enter Game 4 for the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Toronto Raptors it caused quite a stir. It was reported that a lot of his teammates were frustrated with the decision, and a lot of former players have called him out for not going into the game.

Stephen Jackson was on Get Up on ESPN on Friday morning, and he didn’t mince words talking about Hood’s decision.

“He was over there pouting because he wasn’t playing well, he wasn’t getting the minutes he thought he deserved. But hey, when you don’t play well, you sit on the bench. It was garbage minutes, he probably thinks he shouldn’t have to play garbage minutes. But Rodney Hood, you are a garbage player on that team right now. You at the end of the bench because you’re not playing well.

“You can’t do that period, regardless of who you are. Rodney Hood, you haven’t done enough in the league to do that. Go in the game and do what you’re supposed to do.”

For Rodney Hood, he has already apologized to the team and discussed the incident with the media, and the team seems to ready to move on from this distraction and focus on the Boston Celtics.

“I should have known … because I didn’t play throughout the duration of the game that it was gonna look bad, but it wasn’t (as bad) as people was trying to make it,” Hood said via Cleveland.com. “Next time I’m definitely going to go in. I apologized to T-Lue for any confusion and stuff like that but that’s all it was.”

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