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Sportswriter takes heat after use of racial slur to describe LeBron James in exchange with Enes Kanter

Enes Kanter, LeBron James

A veteran sportswriter wanted to look cool but instead became an instant racist in the eyes of many after sending out a dicey tweet that raised plenty of eyebrows.

Peter Vecsey, formerly a columnist for The New York Post, was reacting to a little skirmish involving LeBron James and Enes Kanter during Monday night’s game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the New York Knicks when he let his fingertips do the talking by citing a Notorious B.I.G song lyric that had a racist term in it.

For all we know, Vecsey is a good man with no tendency to discriminate people of color, but folks on the internet have no time to learn more about his character. Unsurprisingly, Vecsey’s tweet was met with a wave of critical response from the great moral arbiter that is Twitter.

Whatever his views are, Vecsey probably shouldn’t be tweeting anything like that.


Biggie didn’t get shot four times for people like Vecsey to use his lyrics in this manner.

As for the game, the Cavs came back from a 23-point hole to upend New York, 104-101, for their second-straight win. LeBron James led the team with 23 points, 13 assists, nine rebounds, and three blocks.

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