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Sixers broadcaster says Philly will take on ‘Cleveland LeBrons’ on Friday

LeBron James, Ben Simmons

It’s a given that the Cleveland Cavaliers are LeBron James’ team. He’s been the face of the franchise ever since he was drafted back in 2003. It’s hard not to think of Cleveland without thinking of LeBron. So much so that a broadcaster called the team the “Cleveland LeBrons.”

As reported by ClutchPoints’ Tomer Azarly, a Philly broadcaster said:

“When the #Sixers take on the Cleveland LeBrons on Friday night, it’ll essentially be a battle for the 3rd seed.”

The new name actually sounds good. It easily rolls off the tongue. And the image of LeBron James on the face of the jersey is not too bothersome. After all, he’s been the main reason why Cleveland has been relevant for the past decade or so. Cleveland hosts a small market team. Without LeBron, no one would dare watch the games held in Cleveland.

When LeBron left for Miami in 2012, the franchise had a difficult time attracting talent. Right after he left, the Cavaliers piled up loss after loss. They were at the bottom of the standings. Luckily, they won the lottery with Kyrie Irving. But it still failed to attract the talent they needed to become a playoff team.

Yet when LeBron came back to Cleveland, everything seemed easy for the Cavs. They were able to get Kevin Love as well as the other essential pieces that turned them into a contender. From the bottom of the standings, the Cavaliers rose to the top and became the number one threat against the powerhouse Golden State Warriors squad.

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