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Shirtless J.R. Smith is back after Cleveland Browns win

jr smith

The Cleveland Cavaliers were in attendance for a game between the Cleveland Browns and the Baltimore Ravens and the game did not disappoint. Greg Joseph nailed a last-second field goal to secure the 12-9 victory for the Browns — their second win of the season. As soon as the ball went through the uprights, Cavs guard J.R. Smith ripped off his shirt and began celebrating.

You know the city of Cleveland is riding high when Smith is seen in public without his shirt on. Following the Cavs’ championship in 2016, Smith was rarely seen with a shirt on and the legend of Shirtless J.R. was born.

Cleveland sports looked like they were in trouble after LeBron James departed for Cleveland. But since then, the Browns have surprised just about everyone. Baker Mayfield looks like the real deal and there’s a sense that the worst days could be behind the Browns and everyone in town is excited.

The scrappy Browns are energizing the city of Cleveland and even though they no longer have championship aspirations, the Cavs should be entertaining to watch this season. Don’t expect J.R. Smith to rip off his shirt for any Cavs championship parades, but they should be competitive in a diluted Eastern Conference.

Cavs fans witnessed a championship in 2016. Browns fans have never felt the thrill of a Super Bowl victory, but they are hoping that the recent promise shown by Baker Mayfield and his squad is a sign of better things to come.

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