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Scottie Pippen thinks LeBron James wants to retire with Cavs

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NBA legend and Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen has weighed in on yet another decision-making drama involving the Cleveland CavaliersLeBron James.

Many believe that James will leave the Cavs yet again if he does not win a championship this year. His probable destinations point to the Los Angeles Lakers, the New York Knicks, or even the Philadelphia 76ers.

James is now 33-years-old and has a good two or three years before he leaves his prime. If he leaves the Cavs, the next team he’ll sign with would probably be his last team before hanging his jersey up.

But if Pippen is concerned, he believes that James wants to finish his career as a Cavalier. Per Mitch Goldich of Sports Illustrated:

I don’t think this postseason is going to affect his decision. Whatever decision he’s gonna make, he probably made his mind up before this postseason. I don’t think that the outcome is gonna detour what he’s doing next season. And I think LeBron probably would love to finish his career in Cleveland. He’s been a great role model for the city and a leader for them. I see that he continues to carry that on.

Pippen’s comments are valid and have a firm basis. James has spoken about the matter before. He is fully aware that he’ll be a free agent this summer. And at this point in his career, he still concerned about winning, and at the same time, about his family. Per Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com:

“My family. That’s all that matters,” James told cleveland.com. “I want to continue to win at the highest level, because I know I can still do it as an individual, and then my family. My family is what’s most important to me, more than anything.”

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