The Cleveland Cavaliers will have to wait for several months before they can see point guard Ricky Rubio back on the court again. Rubio suffered a season-ending ACL tear injury in December 2021 and months later, was traded by Cleveland to the Indiana Pacers. Well, Rubio is back, but again, it will take plenty of recovery and rehabilitation time for the Spanish court general before he can make his way back to action, with Cavs beat writer Chris Fedor, saying that February is the best date to expect Ricky Rubio’s return.

“They don’t have a specific timeline because this is a player beyond the age of 30 and his second torn ACL. They don’t feel they need to rush him back onto the court. I think the Cavaliers are going to take their time. I keep hearing 12 months. That’s the historical timeline that’s attached to a lot of guys. If you’re talking about that, we’re talking about January. I think February is probably more realistic at this point for Ricky.”

The Cavs don’t have to rush Ricky Rubio back. After all, they are stacked in the backcourt, especially after they successfully traded for Donovan Mitchell. With Mitchell now part of the Cavs, he reunites with Rubio, who played two seasons with the former Louisville Cardinals star in Salt Lake City.

Ricky Rubio found his way back to The Land last July when he signed a three-year deal worth $18.4 million with the Cavs. He has career averages of 11.1 points, 4.2 rebounds, and 7.6 assists across 665 games.