LeBron James is a free agent this summer, and he basically has his choice of what team he will play with next year. If James said he wants to go a team, that team will clear the cap space to get James on the team.

With all the speculation though, there is still a really good chance that he would decide to stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers, especially with the way the trade deadline worked out.

For TNT’s Reggie Miller, he believes that LeBron will stick around the Cavaliers, and he talked about it with Ryan Nagelhout of Uproxx on a conference call earlier.

“More power to LeBron James,” Miller said. “I don’t think he’s holding the league hostage. I think it’s moreso Cleveland and Dan Gilbert. He’s not going to settle. Why settle when you’re not going to surround me with the talent and the level of guys to compete?”

Chris Webber of TNT added his thoughts about LeBron staying.

“If he was not this good, it would not matter,” Webber said. “It seems as if LeBron wants to come back… I don’t know if you look at Golden State and other teams, would they need a LeBron, they’re already a championship caliber team? Why would he go to L.A. where he might not be a top-4 team in the West? I think that Cleveland, what he’s done for the economy and what he’s done for his city and the organization, I think he has the right to be judicious in making a decision.”

Both of these players seem to believe that he will stay. If it is true that LeBron was once again calling the shots at the trade deadline and they can at least make it back to the finals, the chances seem to be in the Cavaliers favor.