Not that it will change anything nor will it calm the nerves of angry Cleveland Cavalier fans, but the referees admitted anyway that they’ve made a blunder themselves in Game 2 of the 2018 NBA Finals.

In a post by the official Twitter account of NBA referees, the game officials acknowledged at least one of their errors, saying that LeBron James was indeed fouled by Stephen Curry during the controversial play that happened with just under four minutes left in the third quarter of Game 2.

The officiating is being put under intense scrutiny by fans and experts alike of late, largely because of the referees’ perceived ineptitude in calling the first two games of the series. While the play in question happened in the third frame, it did take away some momentum from Cleveland, which was then trying to cut down on Golden State’s lead. That play also preceded yet another call on Tyronn Lue, who was assessed with a technical after having some words to say to the refs following the egregious non-call.

These issues with the officiating are taking so much away from what is still an intriguing series between two sides that have seen each other’s faces each June since 2015.

James probably needs to say to the refs what he told that poor journalist in the postgame presser after Game 1. The refs have to be better.