Rajon Rondo is all-in on the Cleveland Cavaliers. The 16-year NBA veteran has found new life late into his career, and he has the young, up-and-coming Cavs to thank for that.

Asked on how things have changed for him since leaving the Lakers, Rondo revealed that his arrival to Cleveland rejuvenated his mood on continuing to play in the NBA.

“I was thinking about retiring. It’s very refreshing to be around a group of men, young guys like this that’s willing to sacrifice every night,” said the Cavs veteran.

Rondo also expounded on how refreshing it’s been to play for J.B. Bickerstaff, who he asserts has the complete buy-in and respect of the locker room.

Both Rondo and Cavs center Jarrett Allen were both visibly giggling while the guard gave his responses. But despite the light mood, there was definitely some truth to what he was saying. Rondo revealed that retirement has really been on his mind for a while as he plays through his age-35 season.

“I have been for a long time,” Rondo said on pondering hanging it up.

“Certain things aren’t as important to me anymore. But like I said, family first as always, kids getting older. I was doing what I wanted to in LA but obviously coming here has been a complete turnaround for me. Might play another 10,” Rondo joked.

He did later on follow up that he was “kind of” joking about the quip, but it’s easy to find some nuggets of truth in these moments of humor.

Rajon Rondo knows something special is brewing in Cleveland this season. The Cavs veteran is just happy to be along for the ride.