An overhauled lineup for the Cleveland Cavaliers has resulted in a big win against the Boston Celtics Sunday night. The Cavs surrendered only 99 points while scoring 121 of their own, showing that this is a decidedly different team from the one we’ve seen over the past month.

The trades that brought in George Hill, Jordan Clarkson, Rodney Hood, and Larry Nance Jr. to the Cavs have paid off dividends, at least for one game.

But according to Hoops Hype’s Alex Kennedy, one Eastern Conference guard doesn’t believe anything has essentially changed with the Cavs’ new lineup, comparing it to, of all things, a type of restaurant.

“Rodney Hood is the real dark horse here. I’m curious to see what he’ll do in Cleveland. But I don’t know if the Cavs [improved]. They look the same, just shuffled around. It’s like eating at Texas Roadhouse. Everything tastes the same no matter what you’re eating.”

For sure, everything you eat at a Texas Roadhouse does kinda taste the same regardless of what you order. This guard believes that this Cavs team may have different players on their roster but playing against them does not really offer anything different.

Good thing he thinks Rodney Hood could be a difference-maker for the Cavs, though.

Watching and analyzing the game that this new Cavs team played against the Celtics, however, there’s a good chance that this anonymous guard could be wrong.

He may have to eat his words when he faces them one of these days. And it may not taste like one from a Texas Roadhouse menu.