With the Cleveland Cavaliers off to a lackluster 5-4 start to the 2017-18 NBA season, the panic flames have been fanned by superstar LeBron James’ recent cryptic post on Instagram. It was presumed that the picture James posted of the Arthur meme was in regards to former teammate Kyrie Irving’s early success with the Boston Celtics.

Although James has since brushed off any notion of salt toward Irving, some are still skeptical as to whether or not he has gotten over the decision. However, according to J.E. Skeets of NBA TV’s The Starters, people may have overlooked the impact of the Eric Bledsoe trade had on the three-time champ.

The Cavs were reportedly in the running to acquire Bledsoe from the Phoenix Suns before their asking price got a bit too high. He was then traded to the Bucks for Greg Monroe, along with a first and second-round pick prior to their matchup versus Cleveland on primetime.

It goes without saying that the departure of Irving has left a huge hole at the offensive side of the floor. The Cavs have been vocal about their recent struggles with the starting five and a solid player like Bledsoe would have certainly helped fortify the lineup.

Regardless, fans can take solace in the fact that there is seemingly no ill will between the two former teammates.