The Cleveland Cavaliers were a dark horse contender to get an NBA championship this past season. The young core of Evan Mobley, Darius Garland, and Jarett Allen took a huge jump in fulfilling their roles. It was not just because of Donovan Mitchell that the Cavs got 51 wins last season. Rather, it was their maturity in knowing the pace of the game rather than forcing shots that were out of rhythm. The team still has to learn from the shortcomings they made last season but there’s no reason that they won’t be back to title contention. They have one of their biggest fans in Byron Scott.

Huge second-year jumps are hard to pull off. The Sacramento Kings and Cavs are two teams that are expected to do exactly that. But, young talents do not flame out a lot because of their youth. Byron Scott thinks exactly that but he also posits that they have a star factor which they can rely on. The former NBA head coach gushed over the young Cleveland roster in his latest interview, via Scoop B Selects with Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson.

“I like their youth. I really do. They have a bunch of young guys that just play extremely hard,” Scott said about the current Cavs stars. He also added what Mitchell adds to the squad, “You got a superstar in Donovan Mitchell who can close games out, you know? You got a guy that you can give the ball to and say, Win it for us. He’s a legitimate superstar.

Overall, Byron Scott gave his bold prediction, “So, I think Cleveland is going to be good again this year.”