Dwyane Wade recently decided to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers and reunite with his good friend, LeBron James, as he sees the team as the best fit for him where he can still play a significant role while contending for championships. A lot of fans are now curious to see how they will play alongside each other in Northeast Ohio, and if their partnership will have the same success as what they had during their days with the Miami Heat.

LeBron james Dwyane Wade Cavs jersey


It is also interesting to see how the 12-time All-Star shooting guard will look like wearing the Wine and Gold jersey. However, fans will not need to wait until the first preseason game to catch a glimpse of Wade in his new uniform, as the developers of NBA 2K18 has already tweeted a first-look image.

It can also be noticed that the new Cavs jersey also has the corporate sponsor’s logo on it, which 2K Sports has done a good job of including as well. The hit video game was released recently, and has once again been much talked about among NBA fans. With its improved graphics and new game modes, it gives them more options to play and more realistic features.

With Dwyane Wade joining James and company, he will definitely add to the star power the Cavs already possess. He is expected to be their starter, but does not need to play heavy minutes every night, as the team also has backup guards who are more than capable of contributing to their cause.

Dwyane Wade


It may just be what the doctor ordered for Wade, as he has had a long history of injuries in the past. If the team can preserve his health, he will have the opportunity to receive more playing in the playoffs, where his experience and smarts will be needed even more, especially with the Cavs looking to win another title.