Myles Garrett surprised Cleveland Cavaliers fans with a dunk show on Sunday, and it sure looks like the Cleveland Browns DE really enjoyed it.

After putting on a dunk show for the Cavs fans in attendance in the Summer League, Garrett took it to social media to show his appreciation to the team and the Wine and Gold faithful.

Garrett loves basketball a lot, so it’s quite the big moment for him to share that passion with the Cavs and their supporters.

It’s certainly nice to see Myles Garrett out there showing support to the Cavs. Him showing his hops and athleticism is just an added bonus, though it would have been epic had he been allowed to play for the team as well.

Who doesn’t want to see Garrett dunk in a live game, anyway?

For what it’s worth, it’s not only Garrett who had tons of fun in his appearance. Cavs All-Star guard Darius Garland was also ecstatic to see a fellow Cleveland athlete make that kind of gesture.

“Super cool to see the whole city of Cleveland interacting with each other. They all support us. We support them,” Garland said Garrett’s Summer League appearance, per

It remains to be seen if Garrett will attend another Summer League game, especially since the Browns are already ramping up their preparations for 2022. However, it will surely be incredible if he gets to join the team again. Maybe he can stay on the sidelines and experience coaching as well? Or maybe Garrett can show everyone whether or not he can soot the ball from distance?

Hopefully the Cavs make that happen.