LeBron James’ decision to join the Los Angeles Lakers has affected basketball players and athletes alike. And this includes professional wrestling’s The Miz — a Cleveland Cavaliers fanatic.

Via his Instagram account, the Miz posted a photo of himself with a caption:

“Don’t call. Don’t text. I need a minute”


Does he like the move by James? Or the does facepalm signify that he’s disgusted and ashamed by it? Seeing that he’s wearing a Cavaliers hat and he does hail from Ohio, The Miz seems devasted by the news.

The Cavaliers organization expressed their gratitude towards James for the four consecutive NBA Finals appearances and the city’s first professional sports title in 52 years. Other fans also sent their heartfelt thanks to James.

As reported by ESPN, a fan and Ohio native by the name of Tom Valentino headed to where James’ iconic banner was posted so he could get a last look and at the same time, reminisce about the past:

“I found out it was coming down, and it’s kind of an iconic image here in Cleveland, so I wanted to make sure I got a good look at it and got some pictures before it goes away,” he said.

He continued:

“And let’s just be honest, the basketball was a lot of fun. Every game you would turn on, you would never know what you were going to see from him: an amazing play, the buzzer-beaters and just everything else that he has brought to the city.

“It’s just been something else.”