LeBron James has handed out several facial slams throughout the course of his NBA career. Some have been better than others. But his poster on Damon Jones from years ago stands out as one of the meanest and nastiest.

James recently tweeted a picture of himself slamming on Jones back when he was in his first stint as a Cavalier and when Jones was with the Miami Heat.

The highlight has been shared and viewed over a thousand times since. But it still hasn’t lost its luster even after all these years. James and Jones eventually became teammates with the Cavaliers soon after. One can just imagine the two joking around about that time when Jones was on the receiving end of this poster.

LeBron, in his 15th season, is still handing out facial slams up to this day. Like a fine wine, he has aged pretty well — even better than most elite athletes.

Jones, on the other hand, seems to be happy on the sidelines of the Cavs bench where he serves as assistant coach. The two seemed to be linked by the hip. As reported by Marc J. Spears of of Yahoo! Sports, James might have given Jones a bit of a boost with regard to his coaching career.

“He’s been very instrumental,” Jones said of his coaching career. “He was the reason why I got the opportunity last [season]. He felt comfortable in me helping him in any way possible. It gave me an avenue to get back in the game. Not only right now, but even when I played we had a great relationship and he did a lot of things for my career. Without him, I don’t know if the opportunities I’m receiving right now would be received.”

From opposing foes, to teammates, to helping each other in their respective careers, LeBron James’ friendship with Damon Jones is certainly a friendship for keeps.