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LeBron James shows off incredible memory during crucial sequence in 4th quarter

LeBron James

Part of what makes Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James great is his basketball intelligence. Already gifted with the rare physical blend of size, speed, and strength, James maximizes them all with his basketball smarts.

During the postgame presser following the Cavs’ crushing 108-83 loss to the Boston Celtics on Sunday in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, James mesmerized a group of reporters by showing off his incredible memory when he gave a complete rundown of a specific Celtics run in the fourth quarter of the contest.

James did not ready anything he just said. He culled it straight from his memory. It was like he was just sending Bronny to sleep by narrating a bedtime story.

Some players probably can’t even remember the teammate they last sat beside with on the bench let alone spit out an entire sequence with as smooth of a delivery as James did in front of the media. Also Imagine how great of a player Kendrick Perkins would have been if instead of James, he was the one who possessed that kind of mental acuity.

James, however, appeared to have forgotten how to shoot the ball in Game 1, as he went just 5-for-16 from the field. His muscle memory seemed to betray him, as evidenced by his 0-for-5 line from behind the arc. James finished the contest with 15 points and a whopping total of seven turnovers. He will look to bounce back in Game 2 of the series this coming Tuesday.

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