LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are like two peas in a pod. They go together like peanut better and jelly, cereal and milk, even lamb and tuna fish.

Their time together on the Cleveland Cavaliers was brief, but make no mistake: James and Wade are best buds and have been ever since their time on the Miami Heat.

Wade was traded at the deadline, which was almost two months ago. It hasn’t been that long, relatively speaking, but it certainly feels that way to James, per Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com.

“(It) seems like it was a long time ago,” said James, who will reunite with Wade for the first time since the trade when the Cavs play at the Miami Heat at 8 p.m. tonight. “We’ve had like five seasons in one, so me and D Wade being teammates again in Cleveland seems like it was years ago. It’s crazy how things have changed so fast, but I definitely don’t take it for granted.”

The season for the Cavaliers has seen so much turmoil and turnover that it makes sense for James to feel that way. He was excited to play with his best friend in Cleveland, but things did not work out the way they thought it would.

It’s kind of sad that James and Wade will now be able to finish their career together on the same team. But the way things turned out, it was the best thing for Wade and his well-being.

And with all the players the Cavaliers got in the trades, James is in better position to contend for a championship compared to the beginning of the season. The days of Wade and the other players are over, but like James said, that was a long time ago.

It’s time for the Cavaliers to focus on what comes next.