Everyone knows that LeBron James is the heart and soul of the Cleveland Cavaliers and at times it seems that he is superhuman.

At the age of 32 he played in all 82 regular season games and averaged 36.9 minutes per game. He hasn’t been able to get the rest that he has had in years past when he had others to lean on. This year has been such a trying year for the Cavaliers with so many different players coming and going, the rock they have had to lean on has been LeBron.

The same thing has gone for the playoffs and in Game 4 James had to play 46 minutes. Kevin Love picked up two early fouls in the game so once again all the extra minutes and pressure were put on The King. After the game James was asked how he had all the energy to play 46 minutes and enough energy to make big plays down the stretch of games.

James said he saves “pockets of energy” especially in the second half when he can so that he can make the plays late that he knows his team will need him to make. In Game 4 James had to make big plays down the stretch but he also had some help from his teammates.

Kyle Korver made a couple of huge three-pointers which was good to see. He had been struggling to find his shot so if the Cavaliers want to win this series that was a good sign.