Kevin Love doesn’t want to assume what LeBron James would do in his career, but he agrees it would be a perfect ending for him if he returns to the Cleveland Cavaliers for his final year in the NBA.

The Cavs forward even took it up a notch and suggested Cleveland could take Bronny James when he enters the draft and allow the father and son to play together for one year. Now, as Love said it, it would be a “storybook ending.”

“I mean, that’s like a storybook ending for him,” Love said in an interview with FanSided. “I don’t want to project what he may or may not want to do, but where our team is trending and how we’re set up to win for a very long time and how much you know, Cleveland and Akron and all of Ohio loves him. It’d be great to get Bronny over here too and then we’ll call it a day.”

The talks on the possibility of LeBron James returning to the Cavs started during the All-Star weekend in Cleveland. Ahead of the All-Star game, the Los Angeles Lakers forward shared that the “door’s not closed” to that.

LeBron, however, previously said that he also wants to play alongside his son Bronny James in the NBA. With that said, many assume he’ll try to get to the team that drafts his son.

Now, the question is: Will the Cavs be that team?

For what it’s worth, while Kevin Love likes the idea of James returning to Cleveland and playing alongside Bronny before he retires, the team reportedly has no interest in getting him back. As NBA insider Marc Stein said earlier in March, that looks unlikely given the team’s desire to prove that they can achieve something even without LeBron.

“I believe even more strongly now based on subsequent conversations, the Cavs do not want to do a third LeBron dance,” Stein wrote on Substack. “This franchise, this organization, this ownership, this front office, they’ve had to hear for a zillion years, you’ve never done anything without LeBron.”

Of course nothing is set in stone yet and anything can happen in the NBA. It will definitely be interesting to see LeBron back in Cleveland and end things where his journey started. Emotions, nostalgia and the narrative aside, however, Cleveland has to think about their future first and if they will really benefit with that storybook ending for King James.