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LeBron James’ response to random GOAT question is sure to spark more debate

LeBron James, Michael Jordan

It’s a tale as old as time. It rose in the East and has yet to be given a rest. But possibly no one gets more fun out anything else other than debating whether LeBron James or Michael Jordan should deserve the moniker of Greatest Of All Time, aka, the GOAT.

After a recent game, James was hanging out in the locker room and had a sweatshirt from a Justin Timberlake tour. James called Timberlake a GOAT in his own right, and was then asked, “What about Michael?” The question was presumably about Michael Jackson as compared to Timberlake in terms of who should be considered the all-time King of Pop.

James provided a response in only a way he could, and what he said could add fuel to many GOAT discussions, per Dave McMenamin of ESPN.

The question posed to James wasn’t about Jordan, but about Jackson. However, the way he answered it definitely gave a sense that he was referring to the James vs. Jordan debate, and who should be considered the best basketball player of all time between those two.

Many have already decided that Jordan is better, and there are also a large contingent of people who believe it’s Jordan. But in terms of the debate between Jackson and Timberlake, that one has not really ever garnered much of a debate.

Now that James has spoken up about it, even if it was slightly, the question must now be raised. Is Timberlake better than Jackson was? Do we take into account their lives off the stage? Is it a question of comparing eras? Can we even do that with pop music?

So many questions come out of just one sentence of James’ mouth. It would be fascinating to find out what his opinion is on the matter.

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