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LeBron James potentially throws shade at Kyrie Irving

LeBron James Kyrie Irving

Since Kyrie Irving was traded to the Boston Celtics, there have been some comments and posts on social media from LeBron James that are thought of as shots directed at his former teammate. That is the case once again when the Cleveland Cavaliers star forward commented about playing with Isaiah Thomas soon.

Asked what he thinks of teaming up with the two-time All-Star and former Celtics star, James did not hold back by saying it has been a while since he has played with someone who can set up his teammates and also score when needed, according to Howard Beck of Bleacher Report.

James’ comments definitely shows how high he thinks of Thomas’ game. Despite this season only being their first together, he is positive that the 5-foot-9 point guard can compliment his and the other Cavs players’ games, as well as help them in their quest to win their second championship in three years.

While it could also be that James is referring to Irving as the last time he’s played with someone with the caliber of Thomas, that’s most likely not the case. With how he has thrown shade over the past couple of months, it’s not hard to imagine it’s for Uncle Drew, who has so far had a lot of success with the C’s in the early days of the season.

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