LeBron James is a player who very much believes in loyalty, and he seems to have sent a message to Cleveland Cavaliers fans everywhere about where his loyalties lie.

James, through one of this social media accounts, posted a photo of his hand with some arrows pointed to it. The words with the arrows say The Pride, The Bank and The Motto.

“The Pride” is pointed at a ring that says “Ohio,” which clearly means he has pride for his home state, and possibly is even hinting at pride for playing in his home state, as he has done for the majority of his career.

“The Bank” is pointed at a small tattoo between his thumb and index finger. It appears to be three letters, but it’s difficult to make out clearly.

“The Motto” points to a bracelet that says “I Promise.” Presumably, this could be a promise to be loyal to the franchise going forward.

The interesting thing about this post is that James left Cleveland for Miami a few years ago in order to chase championships. He ended up winning two in a row and getting to the Finals four times before going back to Cleveland to, again, chase championships.

The post came in the wake of Blake Griffin being traded to the Detroit Pistons from the L.A. Clippers. Many in the NBA were saying there is no loyalty anymore after Griffin’s trade. James’ post appears to be a response to that.

But James himself has exhibited shaky loyalty in the past. Time will tell if that post ages well or poorly.