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LeBron James played with serious bone contusion, caused by punching whiteboard after Game 1

lebron james

LeBron James is a freak of nature. But just as Superman has Kryptonite, the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar has for himself, of all things, a whiteboard.

You read that right. The least likely figure to slow down a 6-foot-8 250-pound freight train. As it turns out, James has been enduring a serious bone contusion after punching a whiteboard after Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

Per Sam Amick of USA TODAY Sports:

LeBron had an MRI after Game 1, but the hand was too swollen for definitive results. A second MRI was taken later that indicated it’s a bone contusion in the right hand. It is not expected to require surgery.

LeBron James has been playing with a serious bone contusion in his right hand since Game 2, I’m told.

The injury was the product of frustration: He punched a whiteboard after Game 1, I’m told.

James had a historic series opener where he scored 51 points in leading the Cavs to scare the Golden State Warriors in their home court. After that heartbreaking loss, James’ play has fluctuated and so did Cleveland’s game.

Interestingly, this news only came out now. Nothing was heard from James’ camp which is a testament to how the Cavs forward does not want to use any excuse in this finals series.

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