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LeBron James’ latest obsession is a Nintendo Switch he got for Christmas

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Nobody is doubting the competitive spirit of LeBron James when it comes to basketball. The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar is still regarded as the best basketball player in the world, even though Kevin Durant is slowly creeping in close to him.

As it turns out, the competitiveness of James extends into the gaming world. In Episode 65 of the Road Trippin’ Podcast, it’s was mentioned that the Cavs forward bought a Nintendo Switch for Christmas and he has been “playing Mario Kart religiously” since.

The sight of a 6-foot-8 freak of nature highly engrossed in a small device, as he plays a plumber and other caricatures in a race, is quite amusing to imagine.

But this isn’t something that can tarnish the image of the best basketball player today. In fact, it can only help his image — not to mention the push that Nintendo gets once word spreads about James’ fixation.

It only proves that James is not just a well-oiled machine that is very efficient on the court and in the gym. He also enjoys the simple things such video games, Mario Kart to be exact. It is an endearing image.

It’s understandable that someone so passionate about one thing can look into other things, whether for recreation, rest, or just for the sake of trying other things out.

After all, the NBA has a rigorous schedule, and a good way to disconnect for a moment is to do something else.

James is averaging 27.3 points, eight rebounds, and 8.8 assists this season for the defending East champion Cavs.

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