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Rumor: LeBron James months away from deciding on free agency

LeBron James

Cleveland Cavaliers fans would love it if LeBron James stayed with the franchise after this year. Some in the NBA, though, have decided that his departure from Cleveland is a foregone conclusion.

James is consistently linked to the Los Angeles Lakers, and many believe he will end up choosing the bright lights of Hollywood instead of saying in Cleveland or opting to jump to some other team.

But don’t tell that to Marc Stein, who believes James won’t know what he wants to do about his free agency for quite some time. Per Stein’s newsletter for the New York Times:

My best advice when it comes to the looming third installment of the LeBron Sweepstakes: Don’t just assume he’s going to the Lakers in free agency … and don’t write off the Cavaliers yet. King James’ free agency choice is the storyline that will lord over the whole league in 2018, but I tend to believe he’s still months away from knowing what he wants to do, despite the persistent chatter that he’s Hollywood-bound.

Everyone who follows the NBA loves the juicy storylines and the predictions and the rumors. But most of the time, they’re all based on conjecture and reported based on anonymous sources. But it’s fun, so we indulge.

However, James has left Cleveland before for greener pastures representing a situation in which he can win a championship quickly. He did it when he left for Miami. It’s possible he does it again, especially with how bad the Cavaliers have looked lately.

Whether or not those greener pastures are painted purple and gold remains to be seen.

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