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LeBron James maintains that he has a ‘great working relationship’ with Dan Gilbert

LeBron James

That LeBron James and Dan Gilbert sometimes don’t see each other eye to eye is something that is not a secret. Despite their differences, the Cleveland Cavaliers star said in an exclusive interview with ESPN Rachel Nichols, via Brian Windhorst, that they have “a great working relationship.”

“It’s not about me and Dan. We have a great working relationship,” James told Nichols. “It’s not like we’re not the best friends and I don’t think you should be best friends with a player and an owner shouldn’t be best friends unless I’m your father and that’s my son, and, OK, cool we could be great then. But I think it’s worked out for us both in these four years so far since I’ve been back.”

It’s also well known that Gilbert is a supporter of US President Donald Trump, whose ideals James mostly finds abhorrent.

When James returned to Cleveland in 2014, it was seen as a sign of the proverbial burying of the hatchet between the two, though, James has not entirely forgotten the caustic letter Gilbert wrote in 2010 when James took his talents to South Beach.

James is set to become a free agent in the summer, and while he has not disclosed whether he’s leaving or staying in Cleveland, he had the following to say when asked by Nichols about how big of a factor his relationship with Gilbert will play in his decision.

“We’re going to see.”

Before he makes that decision, James will look to lead the Cavs in the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors starting this Thursday at Oracle Arena in Oakland.

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