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LeBron James, Kanye West’s respective clothing brands being sued for copying camouflage apparel

lebron james, kanye west

Camouflage designs, which seem like random spots of green and brown pieced together, can apparently be copied and plagiarized, according to a clothing brand.

As reported by TMZ, hip-hop star and fashion designer Kanye West’s clothing company Yeezy Apparel is being sued by Jordan Outdoor Enterprises over camo hoodies, camo thigh-high boots, cargo pants, hooded bomber jackets, shirts, and boots, among others. The company is also suing Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James’ company Unknwn.

The lawsuit claims that West and James’ clothing companies ripped off Jordan Outdoor Enterprises’ “distinctive markings” in their camouflage apparel.

In addition, the lawsuit says that a representative from Yeezy contacted Jordan Outdoor Enterprises to talk about using the camo patterns. After Jordan Outdoor said that they would need to license them, Yeezy suddenly cut off communication.

The lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount in damages, as well as for Yeezy to cease the production and selling of any offending items and to return and destroy existing items.

Lawsuits like this are pretty common in the fashion design and the art world in general. Artists and designers seem to take inspiration from existing pieces and attempt to make it their own. Some have the ability to transform them into something totally different. Others, however, create a similar copy of the original.

It’s hard to say that Jordan Outdoor Enterprises has a strong case. Camouflage designs, after all, are being used not only for their aesthetic appeal but for protecting the lives of soldiers out in the war zone.

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