The buzz surrounding LeBron James Jr. has been immense and he looks like he very well could be following in his father’s footsteps. He has already been being recruited by some big name college programs, and there are a lot of experts who believe he is on the fast track to NBA success.

But before he worries about the NBA he has to take care of business now, and he has been dominating the AAU circuit.

LeBron Jr’s team, the North Coast Blue Chips played recently at the John Lucas All-Star Weekend in Houston. In the first day of the tournament, the 13-year old guard showed off for Chris Paul.

In day two they took on Drive Nation, who is coached by LeBron’s old teammate, Mo Williams. Williams trash-talked Jr. before the matchup, but James delivered and silenced the former Cavaliers guard. The Blue Chips ended up beating Drive Nation by two points, and then also won the championship game.

LeBron James Jr. has some ridiculous range already from deep, and LeBron James has already said that his son is a better shooter then he was at the same age.

LeBron James


James talked to the media about it a few months ago, via Andrew Joseph of USA TODAY.

“He handles the ball exceptionally and he shoots it a lot better than I did at that age, but I’ve always had that ability to pass the ball, and it’s good to see him do it too. “

He went on to talk about how proud he is that his son is such a good passer, something that not many AAU kids like to do.

LeBron James