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Cavs news: LeBron James jokes he might have to kill Ernie Johnson if he reveals his first pick

LeBron James, Ernie Johnson

The teams have been set for the 2018 NBA All-Star Game as Team LeBron and Team Steph have revealed their selections. LeBron James had the first pick in the draft which many are speculating he used on Kevin Durant. It’s the same question on the mind of TNT’s Ernie Johnson so he decided to ask the four-time MVP.

James jokes he might have to kill him to do that.

The team captains, Stephen Curry was the other, were interviewed by Johnson on TNT’s Inside the NBA to talk about their process and how it must’ve felt like to somehow select your team like on the playgrounds from their younger years.

But the most entertaining discussion was probably about who James took with the first pick. Johnson blatantly asked but you knew that LeBron wasn’t about to give that secret away so easily.

Ernie Johnson: “Tell me, LeBron, you had the first pick, who did you take?”

LeBron James: “I can’t tell you that, man. I might have to kill you if I tell you that.”

Ernie: “And some people would probably appreciate it.” Man, you got to love EJ.

Whether he took Durant with the first pick or not, the fact is, he got him!

James and Durant, arguably the two best players in the NBA right now, will be on the same All-Star team since they started their NBA careers. The new format ensured that it would be possible and now it has been made possible.

In the interview, James also says that Durant will be playing the shooting guard position, something that will be wildly entertaining with Durant reportedly closer to 7 feet than his listed height of 6-foot-10.

Let the games begin!

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