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Cavs news: LeBron James gives heartfelt advice to Kevin Durant on fatherhood

LeBron James, Kevin Durant

They may be rivals on the court and often included in the conversations of who the best player in world is right now, but LeBron James and Kevin Durant respect each other and also have a good relationship off of it. They proved that once again recently when they appeared in the latest episode of Uninterrupted x Uber, where they talked about different topics, with one of them being fatherhood.

Having three children and experienced when it comes to raising them, the Cleveland Cavaliers star forward gave advice to the reigning Finals MVP about it. He discussed continuing how to learn being a better husband and father up to this day, and told Durant to give his future kids all the life lessons they can get in order for them to become the best versions of themselves once they’re grown up.

James and Durant both grew up in a single-parent household and share similar stories when they were kids. From seeing their moms struggling to make ends meet to striving to become the best basketball players that they can be in order to live better lives, James and Durant have had similar experiences. That’s made them strive harder to improve themselves further as professionals and love their crafts even more.

With the Golden State Warriors forward still not having any kids yet, the advice he received from James will only help him more prepared once he reaches that point. If he uses the words of guidance James told him in their conversation, there will be no reason for Durant not be a good father just like him.

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