Once LeBron James becomes a free agent after the season the recruiting for him by many teams is expected to be intense.

There have already been billboards popping up across the country with fans hoping the King goes to their favorite team.

But it doesn’t appear now that it’s only teams inside the United States that are vying for his services, the recruiting has gone international.

A team from New Zealand, the SKYCITY Breakers NZ have put up a billboard trying to get James to come over to play for their team.

The big difference between this sign and the ones in the United States is that this one was actually put up by the team.

This sign actually does have ties back to the United States though. According to Uproxx, Pardon My Take is part owners of the team, and former NBA star Shawn Marion also has a stake.

Now LeBron James is an NBA Player first, but he is also a businessman. James was one of the main backers of the Pizza Chain Blaze which has over 200 restaurants in the United States and is fastest growing pizza chain ever.

Maybe LeBron will decide to go play in New Zeland and try to take over that league. If LeBron were to go to New Zeland the league would become almost as poplular as the NBA overnight.

There would be a lot of money to go along with James going down under, and although of course, it’s a longshot there have been weirder things to happen.