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LeBron James, Enes Kanter continue to exchange shots after the game

Enes Kanter, LeBron James

The game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and New York Knicks on Monday was expected to be hotly contested, as the exchange between LeBron James and Enes Kanter about the comments made by The King on Dennis Smith Jr. being a better fit with the Knicks made the Turkish international big man respond to him.

It did not take long for the two to get entangled, as they got into an altercation in the first quarter that resulted in each receiving a technical foul. After the game, their choice words for one another did not end yet, as Kanter made it known that he will not accept anyone from their team getting punked.

“I’ll tell you one thing, this team is really special. And you’re not going to come into my house playing the water bottle flip game again. What do you call yourself, ‘King,’ ‘Queen,’ ‘Princess,’ whatever you are. We’re going to fight. Nobody out there gonna punk us.”

James took exception to his comments, and fired back immediately during his post-game interview. He jokingly replied by saying all the labels Kanter mentioned are covered by his family.

With two more matchups in the regular season, it can be expected that the two may have more exchanges in the future on social media, or during interviews. Should that happen, it will add more fuel to the fire, and will make their meetings a must-watch for all basketball fans.

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