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LeBron James doesn’t know how to play with Isaiah Thomas yet; jokes that his attitude gets worse as he gets healthier

Isaiah Thomas lebron james

The Cavaliers are quickly approaching a tumultuous time. They are winners of 19 of their last 21 games, are playing well despite chemistry hurdles, and are finally getting back to full strength. With the recent return of Tristan Thompson and Dwyane Wade, the Cavaliers’ ball-handling situation is all that remains with health concerns.

Derrick Rose’s status is still a working progress, but the return of Isaiah Thomas is now imminent. Scheduled to make his Cavalier debut as early as the last game of 2017, Thomas’ improvement has now come closer to overcoming the biggest challenge of his early stint in Cleveland. However, despite Thomas’ hip-healing, LeBron James joked about Thomas’ attitude about returning after shoot around Thursday morning.

James also said Thomas has always been one to give him a hard time while spectating from the bench. Their relationship is clearly one that demands the most and best from each another. James has always respected Thomas’ grit, kindling a fire that has been fueled in Thomas since his bitter breakup with Boston.

An exciting time indeed, but a time that won’t pass without trial and error. Their first issue to confront is the fact that the only Cavaliers Thomas has played with is Jae Crowder.

James was asked if there was a plan for the team’s top two scorers a month ago, but the answer was the same today just a week or so before Thomas’ return.

Thomas was the third leading scorer and greatest fourth quarter scorer last season. He’s returning to a team that lost a dynamic, late-game scorer in Kyrie Irving, but has still managed to be one of the best fourth quarter teams in the NBA. Of course, with James, Thomas shouldn’t feel finding chemistry is impossible.

Chemistry in January isn’t as important to the Cavs as the long known about the risk of Thomas’ hip suffering a setback or the defensive concerns of his stature, but the appetite for playing good basketball is too great.

Despite every setback, doubt and comparison, the Cavaliers have quietly found themselves; they’re learning tendencies. They understand they are 13-1 when Jae Crowder scores in double figures. They understand that LeBron James has gone from a spot up shooter to self shot-creator, now with 33% assisted three-pointers as opposed to 60% last season. Certainly, they’ll learn Thomas’ tendencies come 2018.

Thomas is currently practicing with the Canton Charge, but he will be present for Cleveland’s upcoming visit to Golden State. While his return isn’t expected for then, his bad attitude might motivate the Cavaliers for some revenge against the defending champs.

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